Rogues Gallery

These images have been put here to show you the kind of problems and humiliation that disabled people often face when trying to use public amenities. If you have any pictures that you would like to add, please get in touch.

Clapham Junction Station Clapham Junction Station steps

Hendy CP School Non-Compliant Fire Escapes

Hendy C.P. School - non-compliant fire escape

If the Carmarthenshire C. C. is insisting that these Fire Escapes are correct then where are the following?

a. Step edgings. These MUST have coloured nosing to contrast with the concrete colour of the steps. There must also be change of direction tactile tiles at both top and bottom of steps.
b. The Ramps MUST have change of direction tactile tiles at all corners and at bottom of ramp.
c. Both of these Fire Exits MUST have emergency lighting to illuminate exits in case of emergency during the hours of darkness.
d. All handrails SHOULD have vertical bars instead of horizontal bars to prevent children using them as play bars with the possibility of causing injuries to themselves, and these bars should --
e. be painted yellow.