Our Future

This page will include some information about the future plans of the organisation and any forthcoming developments.


Project – Accessible Carmarthenshire


Developed by Disabled People for Disabled People


The proposition is for a web-based guide that will be the first of its kind in the area and will be produced by the Carmarthenshire Disabled Access Group.

It will be the only disabled access guide that:

  • Researches every venue in person and on site
  • Involves disabled people from start to finish


Disabled Access Information

We will provide free detailed access information for disabled people, their carers and family from across the County and beyond. Our detailed access information will empower them to judge for themselves which hotels, cinemas, restaurants, solicitors’ offices, pubs, train stations – all kinds of shops and services – that are accessible for their own particular needs.
Our website guide to goods and services will be specially designed to answer the every day questions of disabled people, their assistants, carers, family and friends. Our aim is to use access information to empower people to enjoy their communities and make their contribution to it.


Developed by Disabled People for Disabled People

This will allow disabled people to make anonymous enquiries about particular venues and judge whether they will be accessible for their own particular needs.
As a result, our Guide will enable them to make up their own mind about what they would like to do today; to leave their homes with a thorough understanding and certainty of the facilities and levels of service they are likely to encounter. For example, whether a cinema offers wheelchair access, an accessible toilet, a hearing loop, or if a hotel has a vibrating fire alarm, on what side of a buildings steps the handrails are, or if a café/restaurant offers its menu in large print.
Plan a night out, an accessible holiday or a day’s shopping, with our help they will be able to get out and do what they want to do!

Never before will local access information have been provided in such breadth and depth

  • Best of all the service will be free.

Every public venue and business listed on our website will have been visited and assessed by our trained researchers.

It is hoped that the project will be rolled out as soon as possible, subject to successful grant applications.